It's no denying the Carolina Panthers had a great NFL draft and have plugged a significant number of holes they needed since their unfortunate drop-off in 2016. There's one spot on the roster, however, that could possibly still use some love and affection: Tight End. Panthers fans have been spoiled with the results and consistency of Greg Olsen in the lineup. Yet even with Olsen's stellar performance, a little insurance and extra fire power could be in order before the 2017 season is underway, right?

Last year's addition of Beau Sandland in the 7th round of the draft led to an optimistic few months for Panthers fans until he was released from the practice squad in November and picked up by the Green Bay Packers. The Panthers didn't completely ignore the position this year adding Alex Armah (FB/TE) in the 6th round of the draft. Armah certainly brings some wildcard talent with his ability to motion from the line of scrimmage to the backfield where he has been seen to run routes and also run/pass block very well due to his size and ability to play a number of positions. Panthers fans (including myself) were wondering if Dave Gettleman might pull the trigger for somebody like OJ Howard or David Njoku as they continued to drop in the first round, but Dave held on to the 40th pick taking the speedster WR/RB Curtis Samuel.

Interestingly enough, Njoku going to the Browns did open the door for a familiar face to Panthers fans in Tight End Gary Barnidge, who was released by Cleveland just before the draft. Barnidge had a career high 2015 with 1,043 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns, but just 612 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2016. I personally really like Barnidge and would love a reunion to the Panthers if there is mutual interest, but good luck getting into the head of Dave Gettleman during the offseason...especially this one.

What do you think?

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