JUNE 25th, 2016

Grant Park - Chicago

Had a great time this weekend in the Windy City for Greg Olsen's 13th annual Kicks for a Cure event to benefit his Receptions for Research foundation! Even though Greg’s squad (including Doug McDermott of the Chicago Bulls and Barstool's Big Cat) fell just short, Greg and his family couldn't have been more kind and entertaining. Congratulations to all the teams who played and raised a TON of money towards the charity. I’m looking forward to representing the Roaring Riot in years to come and thanks again for your donations this year! Check out some photos and videos below!

Receptions for Research

The charity run by Greg and his family provides hospitals, doctors and researchers the necessary resources to save those affected with various types of debilitating diseases. The organization proudly collaborates and partners with other organizations to help find a cure for these diseases. The primary goal of Receptions for Research is to make sure that everyone has a second chance in life.